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We provide a platform for online communication whether you are related to shipping business, working onboard merchant ships or in love with the sea and vessels. We represent shipping industry in Pakistan especially the seamen and merchant navy officers in terms of business communication, job availability and a focal place for their expression.

We provides maritime community the advantages of online communication and mutual interaction. It can, if used to advantage, result in effective and fast transfer of information and convenient interaction among various segments of the maritime community in Pakistan. It may serve as a platform for the foreign concerns to convey their requirements with a click of mouse.

Primarily the web site was aimed at Pakistan shipping, however, the nature and global scope of maritime shipping profession makes it a part of the international shipping online services.

We welcome contributions, submissions and memberships from all related or connected to maritime shipping and the sea on the whole.

All linked or connected in any manner with Pakistani Merchant Navy, international shipping business and maritime ship employment are invited for the membership of PakistaniMARITIME.Com.

Listed below are the services or platforms to assist you in your ventures whether they are business related, employment at sea or comprise of your interest in the this highly specialized field.

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We are not a shipping company or a ship employment agency and cannot provide a job ourselves, however, our visitors may find links to employment resources in the relevant sections.

Merchant Shipping Web Log Blog

This web log supplements information contained in this web site. Visit and learn what is new in this web site and the background of information sources.

Job Vacancies in Merchant Navy

This section offers job vacancies for seamen and merchant navy employees, that is, employment on ships and ashore.

Open Database of Pakistani Mariners

The database has been initiated in an attempt to provide an up to date contact list of Pakistani merchant navy employees including their particulars to all concerned, i.e., recruiting agents, shipping companies, colleagues and who ever deems it necessary. The database, for the time being, is divided into following four categories:

Maritime Shipping eGroups

Keeping in view the needs of maritime fleet staff serving onboard merchant vessels and the maritime related commercial concerns two e-Groups are hosted among yahoo groups.

Free Maritime Web Site Development and Hosting

We offer free web presence to your requirements, and its hosting on our server for your maritime related business or concern absolutely free of charge. There are no charges, or hidden charges, it is free like all other services offered on PakistaniMaritime network.

Free Maritime Classifieds

Maritime community is welcome to submit Free Classified Advertisements of maritime, shipping, boating or offshore concern including oil and gas.

Maritime Shipping Articles Essays

This section is dedicated to articles related to all dimensions of shipping and life at sea. We invite you to write what you feel, bring forth your opinion and let others give their point of view. You can read what others have come across during their career.

PakistaniMARITIME Web Site Awards Programme

The PakistaniMaritime Web Site Award, like all other services offered, is completely free and has been initiated to promote the maritime related web sites on the world wide web. Awards site offers selection of very informative maritime shipping related web sites. DO YOU HAVE A MARITIME RELATED WEB SITE YOU ARE PROUD OF? APPLY TO WIN OUR WEB AWARD.

Maritime Discussion Forum.

All Mariners are welcome to share their experiences, opinions, on all topics. Describe ship board tensions, events, seek advice from fellow marine community worldwide. Any shipping related item for sale/purchase, seeking employment, academic guidance required.

Pakistani Maritime Site Ring

This site ring makes it easier to find Pakistani websites related to the Sea, boating and Marine activities. Joining the ring is free of charge and will increase traffic for your website.

Maritime Links

This section lists links to shipping and maritime business related websites. Web sites are divided under several categories for ease of use. You may too post a link to your site. Choose the category under which it falls, and write a short description so visitors can surf over to your web site!

Shipping Photo Gallery

Displays selection of photographs of maritime interest. Visit to see different stages in Sinking of Tanker Ship Prestige.

PakistaniMARITIME Newsletter.

Get information about recent developments, new features and services. Our newsletter is only sent when there are changes or features of common interest. Please see our Privacy Policy; we ensure only genuine use of your email address.

Opinion Polls – Covering Merchant Navy, Pakistan Shipping, Maritime Shipping and the Seamen.

We arrange polls to gather opinion of merchant navy employees: seamen, deck officers, engine officers and all interested in merchant navy; especially the Pakistan Merchant Shipping.