The Open Database of Pakistani Mariners, initiated by this website, is an attempt to provide a up to date contact list of Pakistani merchant navy employees including their particulars to all concerned, i.e., recruiting agents, shipping companies and who ever deems it necessary.

The database, for the time being, is divided into following four categories:

  • Deck Department
  • Engine Department
  • Catering Department &
  • Any other shipping related concerns

All mariners are invited to participate by submitting their details in the appropriate category listed to the left of this page.

To add your details click the appropriate link and then on the page of your category click the ‘Post to appropriate department List’ link on the left boarder. Fill the form and click submit.

Making this project a success will certainly result in convenient access for the recruiters to reach us.

As you are already aware that this section has not been active for sometime , the reason being that I have not been able to give it enough time due to my busy schedule.

In order to keep the things moving, until a suitable database is developed, I suggest using the PakistaniMariner eGroup for keeping your professional information online.

If you are interested to keep yourself available to the employers seeking Pakistani candidates you may post your information on the PakistaniMariner eGroup.

Employment agencies do visit PakistaniMariner eGroup and post their requirements. This group is home to members belonging to different segments of merchant navy and has, over time, developed into a meeting place for seafarers.

Your updated information available on the pages of the eGroup keeps you available for the shipping employment all the time – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and so on…….:)

In case you need assistance or help in joining PakistaniMariner eGroup please contact me.

Anyone among mariners interested in developing a searchable database for seamen, please do contact me.