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Vacancies Onboard Merchant Ships (Merchant Navy)

Present shipboard vacancies are as follows: NO CURRENT VACANCIES.

Shore Employment for Seamen

Present shore based vacancies are as follows: Required Tank Farm Operators in UAE – Opportunity for seamen to work ashore – Shore Job for Seafarers – A tankerman alert!

Applicants Opinion & Remarks

Here is what we have received from the applicants who have pursued offers posted on the pages of this web site and PakistaniMariner eGroup.

  • Dear Captain Qaisar Qayyum.
  • Few days earlier I dispatched my cv by emails for my job from your web site and I rcvd very quick response next day and today I went for Interview. Thanks from your helping web site which at least gave me a hope to go ahead
  • I am not sure about the interview bcz I am looking forward for a job as Master.
  • Hope fully I will get one day.
  • Very much thanks for your quick / prompt reply appreciated.