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pakistaniMARITIME.Com has initiated two e-Groups hosted among yahoo groups, keeping in view the needs of maritime fleet staff serving onboard merchant vessels and the maritime related commercial concerns.

All linked or concerned in any manner with The Pakistani Merchant Navy or merchant shipping in general are invited for the membership of these groups.

Your single e-mail reaches all members and is posted on the net for information and reaction.

PakistaniMariner eGroup.

eGroup for seamen and mariners serving in Merchant Shipping, Pakistan Shipping and Maritime Shipping. Please visit for more information.

eGroup for Maritime Shipping Business – Pakistan Shipping and Shipping online Interests. Please click above hyperlink for more information.


Please consider following points before participation in egroup activities.

  • These group are related to all dimensions of Maritime and Shipping matters only.
  • Unrelated and political topics will always be deleted from the group activities.
  • PakistaniMaritime eGroups” are “Unmodurated lists”. Any member can post in real time, though group holds the right to delete messages against group policies or nature of subject ( i.e., out of trade topics etc.. ) contained therein, the group therefore cannot be held responsible for posts appearing on its pages.
  • It is up to the visitors and subscribers to verify information contained in a message posted by another member.