Pakistan Shipping and International Shipping online Interests. Online communication has become a norm in maritime business circles and today all major communications are processed using email, e-groups and on the WWW.

PakistaniMaritime eGroup is initiated to provide the maritime community with advantages of online communication and mutual interaction. It can, if used to advantage, result in effective and fast transfer of information and convenient interaction among the various segments of maritime community in Pakistan.

It may serve as a platform for the foreign concerns to convey their requirements with just a click of mouse. Please note that ‘PakistaniMaritime eGroup’is related to all dimensions of Maritime and Shipping matters.

All posts about maritime business offers and availabilities may be posted here.

  • Ship chartering, availability of suitable carriers and cargos.
  • Cargo Offers.
  • Oil and gas cargos including storage and handling.
  • Ship Sales and Purchase.
  • Yacht and Boat Sale n Purchase.
  • Maritime Equipment – availability,sale,purchase and hiring information.
  • Jobs in maritime related business sector.

The list is long. All subjects about shipping or maritime business in general may be discussed in PakistaniMaritime eGroup.

Topics not related to shipping business and political topics will always be deleted from the group activities.

PakistaniMaritime eGroup is not a moderated list. A member can post in real time. Group reserves the right to delete messages against group policies or nature of subject (i.e., out of trade topics etc.). The group, however, cannot be held responsible for posts appearing on its pages.

It is up to the visitors and group members to verify information contained in a message posted by another member.
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Maritime shipping employees and mariners please visit eGroup for Seafarers, Mariners and Seamen [PakistaniMariner eGroup] set up to highlight your interests.